Inventory Management

Effortlessly manage your inventory with our vendor managed inventory service

  • Maximize your profits with our expert inventory management solutions
  • Stay ahead of the competition with real-time inventory tracking
  • Experience seamless integration with your existing systems
  • Enjoy personalized support from our dedicated team of inventory specialists

Revolutionize Your Inventory Management with Our VMI Services

At New England Safety Supply, we take the hassle out of inventory management. Our expert team will handle everything from ordering to restocking, so you can focus on growing your business.

VMI Areas Covered

Rhode Island:

Providence County

Bristol County

Kent County

Newport County


Plymouth County

Bristol County

Barnstable County

Norfolk County

Suffolk County

Essex County

Middlesex County

Worcester County


Windham County

New London County

Tolland County

Hartford County

Middlesex County

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vendor managed inventory?

Vendor managed inventory is a service where the vendor manages and replenishes the inventory of a customer based on agreed-upon inventory levels.

What are the benefits of using vendor managed inventory?

Vendor managed inventory can help reduce inventory costs, improve inventory accuracy, and increase product availability.

How does vendor managed inventory work?

The vendor monitors the customer's inventory levels and replenishes the inventory as needed. The customer provides access to their inventory data and agrees on inventory levels with the vendor.

What industries can benefit from vendor managed inventory?

Vendor managed inventory can benefit industries such as retail, healthcare, Construction, manufacturing, Automotive, and logistics.

How can I get started with your vendor managed inventory service?

You can contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your inventory needs. We will work with you to develop a customized solution that meets your specific requirements.

What types of inventory can you manage?

We can manage a wide range of inventory types, including raw materials, finished goods, and packaging materials.