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RINGERS® Impact Gloves

RINGERS® Impact Gloves

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Waterproof heavy-duty impact gloves, with advanced cut resistance for assured hand safety.

  • Specialized protection: RINGERS® R259B impact gloves’ patented TPR (thermoplastic rubber) design, developed with F3 Technology™, provides top-of-hand and finger-length protection
  • Advanced defenses: An additional palm layer enhances cut resistance, while a waterproof barrier and liquid-resistant coating at the top of the hand ensure dry, dependable personal protection
  • Optimized usability: Their advanced construction includes a durable bond between each layer, limiting glove separation when doffing
  • Strengthened grip: A synthetic leather palm ensures superb grip
  • Enhanced features: These RINGERS® gloves’ high-visibility design, with reflective cuff piping, further enhances safety levels, while an extended neoprene wrist closure ensures a secure fit
  • Engagement and release of drill string slips
  • Chaining up pipes
  • Facility and machinery maintenance
  • Installation and dismantling of rigs
  • Handling iron
  • Operating of heavy machinery
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Pipe handling
  • Handling materials with sharp or rough edges
  • Loading and hauling
  • Hydraulic repair
  • Re-fuel oil fluid and diesel
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas

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