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All Material Handling

AMH MINI Lever Hoist 0.5t-05' Lift

AMH MINI Lever Hoist 0.5t-05' Lift

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Planetary gearing is used to minimize operator effort and to reduce stress on the brake components
Small size allows operation and storage in tight places
Lightweight and durable all steel construction with plated frame components and durable chrome exterior finish to resist corrosion
Grade 80 Zinc plated alloy load chain
Sleeve bearings used to maximize serviceability and provide good efficiency
Self-adjusting pawl and disc type mechanical load brake insures positive load control
Meets: ASME/ANSl B30, OSHA, NASA-STD-8719.9ATEX rated ATEX certified II 3 GD c IIB 54o C X for limited use in Hazardous Environments

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