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Husqvarna Pro Woodsman Safety Helmet System

Husqvarna Pro Woodsman Safety Helmet System

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This Husqvarna Pro Woodsman Safety Helmet System features a tough, high-density polyethylene helmet with face screen, ear muffs and visor to protect your head and face from debris fly-back when using a chainsaw or while logging. Lightweight, nylon/metal-mesh face screen flips up when not in use. Adjustable, low-pressure hearing protectors offer good noise exclusion. High visibility orange and black color. Universal size. Meets and exceeds ISEA/ANSI standards. Type 1 electrical insulation rated to class E for protection and safety.

  • Tough, high density polyethylene shell provides superior durability
  • Nylon/metal mesh visor protects your face while providing enhanced visibility and water runoff
  • Ear muffs can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, ensuring good noise exclusion despite applying low pressure
  • 6 point suspension and multiple settings adjust the depth of the helmet on your head for added comfort
  • Sweatband has Egyptian cotton core with porous PU coating for maximum sweat absorption
  • Wheel and sleep ratchet options provide 2 ways for quick and easy headgear adjustments
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