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Ironton® 12-Pc. Shop Electrical Wire Assortment

Ironton® 12-Pc. Shop Electrical Wire Assortment

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Durable Ironton® steel frame dispenser rack holds 12 rolls of high-grade copper strand wire for boat, auto, appliance, TV, stereo and other applications. AWG #10 to AWG #22 gauge wire spools in a variety of wire types that can be cut to lengths you need, when you need them.

(1) Dispenser frame

(3) Wire roll holders

(12) High-impact spools of wire

Includes one 17ft. roll of AWG #10

  • Includes one 20ft. roll of #12

  • Includes two 22ft. rolls of #14

  • Includes two 39ft. rolls of #16

  • Includes two 43ft. rolls of #18

  • Includes two 62ft. rolls of #20

  • Includes one 64ft. roll of #22

  • Includes one 30ft. roll of speaker wire

  • Combined total: 463 feet of wire

  • 7 3/4 in. L x 13 3/4 in. H x 5 1/2 in. D dispenser rack

  • May be wall mounted or can sit on a work bench

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